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Tantra is the best tool for happiness and life of full
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Tantra is not a religion, tantra is not a philosophy that focus only on fuzzy concepts. Tantra is lifed and conscience. Tantra is experimenting yourself, all your are and all that is around you, no separation, here and now.  Tantra is not to repress but trascend. Tantra puts you in front of your reality so you can integrate all you are and you become lord and master of yourself and when it happens you will notice how the need to control and dominate others disappears, becasue you fell complete and you do not need others being like you want nor you being like others want you to be. You love others for what they are and your relationships become deeper and mutual.

Tantra is an ancient tool for the connection with your deep and interior been, expanding and freeing your "Been" and all its capabilities, thus releasing every blocking shelter created by yourself or by life experiences. When you expand with Tantra you stop being attacked by the exterior fectors, fears disappear since duplicity disappears too, the difference between you and the others, the difference between heaven and earth, difference between divine and material, between good and bad. You live everything here and now reacting in a spontaneous and authentic way, stopping acting as programmed machines y blocked by the moral.Yours senses expand and all is better lived because there are no more fears against external influences nor to live your own style, every sensation is a gift to your sould and helps you to grow.

Grow toward yourself and in every direction, because you discover that the universe is in you and you are in the universe. Separation begins to fade making disappear every contradictory emotions, accepting everybody as they are, living the differences as brushstrokes of beauty colours in the huge canvas of life, created by the universal lord, making to be more present, more conscient, more alive, more compassive.

Knowing Tantra, proper wisdom of life takes you to the experiences that you need you know yourself, to wake up in you all powerful creative forces that for thousand of years have been choked back by the society. You will not need to go to a temple to connect with the divine because you are the temple and you will feel the divine in all is around you. You will not reject your sexuality when you will discover it is so healthy, so beauty and so innocent that every morbid fascination and mental pronography disappear.

Sexual energy is the most powerful creative force of the universe. When we block it or get it dirty we simply fall in the trap of many powers that have limited it across the History. Sexual energy is powerful yet neutral, producing an effect or the opposite depending on the direction you choose.

Moving all that energy from the innocence and spontaneously connects us with the most beautiful part of our been, loading our life with creativity, love, strength, optimism, health, empowering our given abilities and discovering new ones. Always starting from humility and respecting freedom of human beens, that force  can bring you many positive changes around you. You create a new space inside you where you can relax and feel secure in every step of your life.
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