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sor ángela de la cruz 24
escalera A, 1º D - 28020 madrid

910 001 070 - 667 753 090
new autentic ancient Tantra philosophy Centre in Madrid  -  tantric massages  - workshops for couples  -  tantra yoga group classes
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We have open the new Espíritu Tantra Centre in Madrid with a clear and ambitious goal that we would like to reach: transmit all virtues and values that authentic Tantra from India brings since its beginning more than 3000 years ago.

During our daily lifes we accumulate a wide rage of  negative energies, stress, tensions, charges that affect our quality of life, our spirit and our interior life.

Sexuality is also an aspect that is negatively affected by all these influences, and it is clear that our sexual life is also damaged in a significant manner.

Tantra is able to recover our sexual energy, through the activation in such way that we will better love ourselves, accept our body and we will be able to distribute it across our body uniformly.

Our top-class professionals perfom tantric massages that will make you experience an integral health recovery. Since the first session you will notice that your vital and sexual energies transforms into a powerful health tool that will help to incorporate to your daily life in a full way, with security, balance, armony and happiness.

We offer several authentic tantric massages, in which both patients and therapists live the session with no clothes at all:

- Tantric massages for men
- Tantric massages for women
- Tantric massages for couples
- Reiki massages
- Tantric workshops for specialisation, both individual and for couples

In order to ensure that every sexual option of our patients is fully respected and accepted, they may choose masculine or feminin therapists, all of them real professionals with wide experience and skills.

As an additional recovery activity, we also offer Tantra Kriya Yoga (naked yoga) in homogeneous groups (men only or women only), being possible to select morning of afternoon classes options. Also available gay-only groups.

Our high level premises bring together the best equipment and the comfort and ambience necessary to maximise the benefits of every session.

We would like to count on your confidence to discover the real ancient Tantra world.

Espíritu Tantra
Sor Angela de la Cruz 24, Esc. A, 1º D
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tantra : mind, spirit and body fusion heading toward a life in full
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