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Tantra for gays
We are aware that gay men suffer, in many cases, a feeling of dissatisfaction and low self-esteem during the process of acceptance of their sexual lifestyle.

Very often this is caused by the traditional social model, both at family and professional aspects, creating many situations of tension, stress and even sexual and affective blockings for which Tantra may bring a solution.

Tantra massages for gays

Our Center offer tantra man-to-man massages. A male therapist is able to move the sexual energy of the patient in such manner that a release and freeedom process will begin, improving self-esteem and a personal acceptance attitude that will allow to walk on a new integral happiness pathway.

4-hands option in also available, performed by two male therapists devoted to you in exclussive.

Tantra massage for gay couples

It is equally excellent for the complicity with your couple to share together a Tantric massage. It is performed by two male therapists. You will renew your joint sexual life and you will forget the routine that daily life may created in many couples.

Tantra Kriya Yoga classes for gay groups

We have created Tantra Kriya Yoga (naked yoga) groups for gay men. In these groups the acceptance and respect is absolute, since all people share the same view, interests, goals and preferences. Your body acceptance is reached better in groups, where complicity is fantastic and will help you to improve your life in general.

Advanced Tantra workshop for gay couples

For those couples that want to discover in-depth all that Tantra may offer, we have developed special workshops directed by a therapist of our Centre. With a duration between 5 to 8 hours, couple of patients will discover what is Tantra and many techniques that you can share in your joint life.

Advanced Tantra workshop for gay person

When a patient wants to discover in-depth all the potential of Tantra techniques and he recognizes that Tantra is a life style that deserves to be applied, we offer the possibility to attedn to a personal advanced session driven by a therapist dedicated to you in exclussive. Duration varies between 5 to 8 hours. Your life, the way to interact with others and your sexual energy will love your choice.
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