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Masaje Reiki

Reiki is a natural health recovery treatment through transmission of Universal Life Energy. It was re-discovered by the japanes scientist Usui-Sensei by the end of XIXth Century.

Everybody, with love and good intention may transmit life energy to other person through our hands. Our therapists knowing Reiki and experts in gently energetic exchange of the body, are totally impersonal during the therapy, they are mere recipients and transmitter of Health Recovery Energy coming from the Cosmos, with conscience, love and recovery intentions toward the body, mind and spirit of the patient.

Reiki therapist gently applies his/her hands on your aura (electromagnetic body field) and on the main energy centres of the body called chakras, or any other point needing recovery either through recharge, activation or energy cleaning. Reiki is universal intelligence, it will go to the areas of your body or your life that more need to be empowered, recovered and boosted. That is why you have to surrender to the experience as if you would be in the arms of your grandmother, leaving be cared, comforted and cleaned of everything that is useless for your life learning.

Science has an explanation for natural health recovery or transmission of healthy energy but Reiki comes from the unknown and there is no rational explanation so far. That is why your mind has not to try to get rational explanation about the process or the healthy goals beacuse in that case your mind would take control and would bock the therapeutic positive recovery effects.

Reiki is love in electromagnetic way and love, as we all know, is the direct experience that make us to recognise it and not the written or spoken words.

Reiki has no contraindications but does not try to replace professional medical treatments.

Indications and physical benefits
- Perfect combination to a traditional medical treatment.
- Speeds up the recovery after medical surgeries.
- Reduces negative effects of medicines.
- Reduces muscular tensions and pains.
- Improvements in breathing, skin, blood and lymphatic circulation.
- Hormonal equilibrium.
- Severe headaches or migrains.

Psycological benefits
- Arises the most beautiful part of you.
- Reinforces your self-esteem
- Helps to obtain a more positive perspective of the circumstances in your life.
- Improves the quality and level of recovery of sleeping time.
- Helps to unblock the face expression.

Spiritual benefits
- Improves the self-confidence and confidence in life, specially during tough times like loss of a loving persona or couple breaking.
- You will able to release suffering in cases of emotional shocks.
- You will be more open to calm and intuition.
- You will be compassive toward the others.
- Help to forgive the past and live the present.

Potencia la energía de tu ser con nuestros masajes Reiki
Potencia tu energía con nuestros masajes Reiki
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