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Taller tántrico para parejas

Learn to re-discover your sexuality. Learn to discover your body and all the potential that your mind and your spirit belong. Free yourself from the modesty to touch and be touched by your couple.

Duration of the workshop: depends on th energy of each member of the couple, but tentatively duration varies between 5 and 8 hours. Like in every therapy in our Centre, patients can choose the preferred genre of the therapist, in order to ensure that the atmosphere of the session will be comfortable and patients will feel identified.

Workshop begins with a simultaneous activation massage of every patient of the couple (two therapists). Patients will thus begin to feel the energy that will be moved along the workshop. This massage with take around 1h and 15min.

After proper energy activation of the couple, main therapist will make an introduction to the theory and principles of Tantra. History, masotherapic techniques, and will clearly explain the benefits that the couple will enjoy. Rest of workshop will be devoted to acquire deep knowledge through practices directed by the therapist.

Benefits are, among many others, the following:

- In-depth knowledge of the body of your couple and learn how to activate every sensitive zone on behalf of masotherapic tantric techniques.

- Learn different techniques to take control of the sexual energy of every participant; thes maneuvres can help to control premature ejaculation, erectile problems, anorgasmy, etc.

- Thanks to these techniques your style of action will change, becoming more positive, more spontaneous, creative and vital. You will reconcile yourself with every part of your body, being able to transmit tenderness, pleasure and conscience.

- Thanks to the breathing techniques that your will learn you will become able to modulate your life feelings and you will feel more vital. You will also be able to deeply connect to your couple, and a simple kiss or a sexual act will be transformed in something more authentic, more pleasant and enjoyable.
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