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Masaje tántrico para el hombre

Performed by a professional therapist, either man or mujer (your choice), tantric massage begins by a seductive ancient ritual to connect you to your interior energy, where the therapist will adore you as a divine been, eroticizing your senses and your body.

We continue with an activation massage of your physical energy and your sensitive zones, after which there is an intensive phase that will eliminate tensions and takes you to an status of deep energetic concentration.

Now your body and your mind are prepared to start the so called kundalini phase, when we stimulate al the sensual power of your lingam (penis, scrotum and perineum). We then activate the pleasure points of the anal cavity, always respecting the wishes of each person.

At that moment you can experience different types of orgasm (non-ejaculatory) as well as waves of pleasures, full-body orgasms and high level of happiness.


- Discover and exploit all  potential of your body, that you will later be able to apply in your sexual relationships

- Improve your affective relations in general, also with your couple, by increasing the balance between activity and receptivity

- Relieves sexual blockings, like anorgasmy, erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual appetite

- Helps to moderate your sexual energy, in those cases when the energy has to be better controlled

- Activates all your endocrine system, helping the balance of the wellbeing hormones, your  biorythm and balancing your sexual hormones

- You will discover sexual relations as a way of sharing, giving and receiving reciprocally, not as a way of domination or a mere tension release

Masaje tántrico para hombres en Madrid - Espiritu Tantra
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