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Masaje tántrico para parejas

In this option, couple experiences in the same space a tantric massage that will alow them to share a incredible experience, both sensitive and sensual.

Each member of a couple will enjoy a fully dedicated therapist devoted exclusively during the entire session. Thus, there are two therapists dedicated to the session.

Couple can be either the same or different genre, also they can choose the therapists of every genre according to their preferences. Every combination is accepted and welcome.

At the end of the session, couple stays alone sharing their feelings and sensations they have lived in a peaceful and comfortable ambience, enjoying cava and chocolates in a special moment of total union.


- Helps to reactivate attraction and libido in couples that have fallen in a monotonous sexual relation

- Discover new games to practice in your sexual relations with your couple

- Increases the sexual complicity with your couple

- Aleviate problems like premature ejaculation, anorgasmy and sexual blockings in general

- We develop a revitalised and powerful spiritual and love connection in the couple
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